la lessive en feuille livré chez vous by Finzy

Finzy Washer Sheets,
delivered at home

32 or 64 washes packages.
From €11.90

Laundry made easy

Feuille de lessive pour laver son linge Finzy

Add a Finzy laundry sheet into the machine drum with your clothes

Finzy la lessive en feuille respecte votre machine a laver

Start your program as usual

La feuille de lessive 100% dissolvable

The sheet fully dissolve

Finzy la feuille de lessive spécial linge sale

Your laundry is fresh, clean, and free of any laundry marks!

Never running out of detergent again with the subscription!

Your washing sheets delivered at home, without obligation, suited to your usage.

L'abonnement de la lessive en feuille Finzy

Finzy - First washing sheets brand!

Finzy washing sheets detergent is the most compact and lightweight laundry size available today. It is ultra-concentrated in detergent to guarantee you maximum efficiency in a compact and lightweight format. It is effective on stains and respects the colours of your clothes as well as white.

Finzy detergent can be used in the machine or by hand. The laundry sheet dissolves on contact with hot or cold water and leaves no traces on your clothes.

With its KRAFT packaging and hermetic biodegradable plastic, you are assured of a long shelf life while reducing the amount of plastic consumed compared to a traditional laundry.

La lessie en feuille facile à ranger
Lessive ultra concentrée Finzy
Finzy la lessive en feuille compact et respect planet
La feuille de lessive biodégradable

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is just as effective and allows you to control your consumption. Depending on the amount of laundry in a machine, you can only put half a sheet.

Yes, because it is reinforced with optical brighteners to respect colours and white.

Yes, it doesn’t leave any marks on clothes or particles in your washing machine drum.

Absolutely, it is not a bottle. The product is dry, packaged in a simple pouch, and moreover, which does not take up much space.

Perfect for hikers or campers, Finzy laundry can be used in hot or cold water, and you can even wash clothes in a river, as it is phosphate-free and biodegradable.